Sunday, March 24, 2013

March D.T Projects

Hello there! March is coming to an end and my design team have done some pretty amazing projects that I would like to share with you! We are still a week away from this month being over and still have some projects to finish but I can't help but post what they have already done! Yeah, I crazy. =) So let's begin!

Let's start off with my D.T blogger, Nancy! I am always amazed at her artwork. I always look forward to receive her e-mail where she sends me her pictures of the projects. Such an amazing artist!

Super duper adorable!!!! I absolutely fell in love with this one because it's so perfect!

Here is her other projects and this one is super amazing! She had mentioned that she had an idea when she saw this image and she truly has blown me away!

Now let's go to Steph. She also blew me away with her projects. Wait to you see her beautiful artwork!

See? See what I mean?! Super awesome right? I loved this one too! 

Here is her other project! I envy anyone who does shabby chic because I can't do it! 

Finally, my YT'ers! I will be posting their links to their videos. Please make sure to check their projects out too!

Marla H. -

Lisa -

Then, there is my other D.T member who was supposed to be on maternity leave! LOL! She still made some projects as did Linda (scrapchica). They both cracked me up but I'm so glad that they made some amazing projects. I already posted Linda's but I'll go ahead and post them on this post again.

First, Nancy. She just had a baby and look at her! LOL! She was on a roll! I love both her projects. So very cute and unique! I swear, this girl can make cards! Wub them!

And her is Linda's again. I adore how she used my two Fridas! They both look so different and both so my style! DDLM Rules! LOL! By the way here is the link to her blog. Click here.  LOL!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I have all my D.T's links by the side bar on your right. Make sure to check them out!

Also, stay tuned for next month Sushi Doll releases! They will be going on sale on the 1st! Also I think I have mentioned it before. Stay tuned for a D.T call....more details to come! =)

wub and hugs,


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mini Exciting News...

Mini and major at the same time. =D So let me start by saying that I have already drawn 3 images for next month! Just need one more! I have been on a roll! And the next announcement! Linda from scrapchica has slowly come back to the crafting world! She was supposed to be part of my design team from the beginning but she wasn't able to until now. She has made a project using one of my Sushi Dolls that I gave her wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when...before I started to sell them or even announce that I was going to sell them. Her project is super cute and I hope you guys like her work. I have also made 2 projects using my Sushi Dolls and I hope you guys like them too! So here we go!

Here is Linda's project. I think it is gorgeous! I love the quote and it's funny because that is so us! LOL!
I will leave all her links to all her sites below so you can go check her out.


 These are my 2 projects that I made for this month using some of my new and old Sushi Dolls. One of these boxes will be given away as a thank you gift to a friend and the other one will be on sell. Don't know yet which will be which but once I decide I will let you guys know.
 Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you guys soon!