Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some of the D.T's February Projects & More!

Hello there again! How are you guys doing? Boy oh boy, I have been a busy bee! I was making custom Sushi dolls and making them into cards, painting, went to San Diego for my lil' sil's graduation...oof! Just nuts!

O.k, here are some little announcements!  First off, March is just around the corner and that means new images! The new images coming up have been seen already; they were custom Sushi Dolls for some family members and those will be the new releases for March. Can't wait to see what my designer's will come up with next!

Second announcement! My husband got me an actual website!!!!! I have my very own .com! Say whaaat?! I can't believe it! I'm still learning how to work with it but hopefully sooner than later I will be website savvy. LOL! If you go to my website you will see ALL the links to ALL my sites. Easy to find! I might end up putting all the Sushi Dolls there too just in case it gets hard to find the Dolls on sale on this blog. We will see. Anywho, here is the link to my new website: http://www.artcsushi.com/

 Without further a-do here are some other projects that I have worked on. These images are not for sale right now because they were custom ordered, like my cousin's images. But hopefully sooner than later they will be available for sale.

 So here are some of my D.T's projects and links to their sites!

First there is Nancy from The Nickel Nook! She did the cutest little card and it cracked me up! Go check her out by clicking this link here.

This is Nancy's second project for February! Here is the link to this post. Click here. =D

Then here is Steph's from sweetcraftychick and here is the link to her video on Y.T...click here.

And this is Steph's second project and the link to her video! Click here. =)

The following links are all Y.T videos. Go check them out! They are doing an amazing job and I absolutely love how they are coming out! Just gorgeous!

Marla H. has made her 2 projects and they came out so adorable! Click here for her first video and click there for her second video. =)

Lisa, another of my D.T member has also made a video. I love love what she did! Go on! Click here! =D

And finally, Lina. She added some butterfly wings to her image! Super cute idea. You can find her video link here! I know too many heres! Jajaja!

side-note: Nancy from pinkbellamia just had her baby! So she probably won't be making any projects for this month. She had a baby boy and he is adorable! Now all she needs is to rest! Anyway, wanted to let everyone know because she has been M.I.A. Wub you Nancy!

So I think that is all! Make sure to keep checking back for more info and the new images! Talk to you guys later and thanks for stopping by!