Saturday, August 31, 2013

All aboard!!!!!

=) Hello everyone!

It seems I update at least once a month and that's good right? LOL! Anyway, been busy and have been meaning to update all my sites but I get easily overwhelmed! But I'm doing better...I think? Jajajaja!

So, what are your thoughts on my D.T? Amazing right?! I keep updating this month's post whenever I get new pictures or videos! I love seeing everyone's projects! I'm always amazed of all their art! I simply adore it and always makes me smile and warms my soul. I'm always humbled with gratitude for each and everyone of them.  And when one of them leaves my train I feel so blessed and truly appreciate all that they have done.  Each one of them has inspired me to continue with my drawings and have shown me so much support. Sheesh! I sound like if I'm stopping the train! LOL! But I just wanted to thank all of my current and past D.T members.  You guys are awesome!

I have been thinking of a lot of things. I have several Sushi Dolls already drawn and now the hard part is trying to figure out what to sell when! But since September is close to October I decided to release some Halloween images.  Yay!!!! I am already trying to figure out how I'm going to make some projects with some of those images.  I have a list that I can't seem to start! Jajaja!  You guys want to see them?

See! Some very Halloweeny and the other three not so much!   
 And introducing the Loopy Dolls! I drew these a long time ago and just didn't release them...I tried to figure out when to release them or even if I wanted too...well I decided to go ahead and do it! LOL!
I named them Loopy Dolls because their eyes look loopy! Jajaja! Loopy stripes kind of looks like a Mummy! LOL!

So there you go! Hope you like the new releases for September!




  1. Awww, Susi! You're too sweet! Thank YOU for letting me play with your Dolls! The new images are fantastic! :o)

  2. Aw wow your so amazing it's why I love you and it's easy to create projects for all to fall in love with your images too! I'm truly blessed to be a friend and part of your team!

    I loveeeee your new images! Yikes so much goodness! I can see the loopy projects coming on! Lol



  3. Oh my goodness these are PRECIOUS! I already want to buy more!!!! :)