Saturday, August 31, 2013

All aboard!!!!!

=) Hello everyone!

It seems I update at least once a month and that's good right? LOL! Anyway, been busy and have been meaning to update all my sites but I get easily overwhelmed! But I'm doing better...I think? Jajajaja!

So, what are your thoughts on my D.T? Amazing right?! I keep updating this month's post whenever I get new pictures or videos! I love seeing everyone's projects! I'm always amazed of all their art! I simply adore it and always makes me smile and warms my soul. I'm always humbled with gratitude for each and everyone of them.  And when one of them leaves my train I feel so blessed and truly appreciate all that they have done.  Each one of them has inspired me to continue with my drawings and have shown me so much support. Sheesh! I sound like if I'm stopping the train! LOL! But I just wanted to thank all of my current and past D.T members.  You guys are awesome!

I have been thinking of a lot of things. I have several Sushi Dolls already drawn and now the hard part is trying to figure out what to sell when! But since September is close to October I decided to release some Halloween images.  Yay!!!! I am already trying to figure out how I'm going to make some projects with some of those images.  I have a list that I can't seem to start! Jajaja!  You guys want to see them?

See! Some very Halloweeny and the other three not so much!   
 And introducing the Loopy Dolls! I drew these a long time ago and just didn't release them...I tried to figure out when to release them or even if I wanted too...well I decided to go ahead and do it! LOL!
I named them Loopy Dolls because their eyes look loopy! Jajaja! Loopy stripes kind of looks like a Mummy! LOL!

So there you go! Hope you like the new releases for September!



Sunday, August 11, 2013

August?! Seriously?! Already?!

Hi! How have you all been? Hopefully well. So what's been going on crafting wise? Well, me not much except some special orders. =) I have been itching to make stuff with my Sushi Dolls but have not got around to doing that just yet.  Maybe tomorrow. My D.T have been inspiring me like nobody's business! They are all doing an amazing job so far!

Steph (sweetcraftychick)
Steph made this AWESOME insert for a Filofax! I need to make one for me! What an awesome idea and it's so freaking cute!!! I want one!!!!!  Then her second card is to die for! I love love how it came out! Her projects are always amazing and I think it's also because I'm horrible at shabby chic; she is amazing at it!

Nancy (pinkbellamia)
She made this Canvas using me!!! Sushi!!!! =) I love the bright colors that she used and her background! It kind of reminds me of that art by Andy Warhol! I thinks it's the repetitive use of the image and the colors she used.

Carol (Onehappycraftychick)
Not only do I have pictures here is her link to her videos! Go check them out!
This is her first project for August.  I wubby! He is named, Flowers for you and is one of my earlier releases.  It turned out so purdy! I wubby!

This is Carol's 2nd project and I absolutely love love how it turned out! The Sushi Doll that she used was Gaven and he looks perfect in her project life page!

 Marla H

This is Marla's first project for August and she used Mrs. Johnson, one of my special back-to-school releases. I adore her cards! They came out so stinking adorable! Can't wait to see her next project!

Nancy (nicklenook1)
Nancy's project is so amazing! I love love everything about it! I love the Sushi Doll that she used and what she used it for.  Here is the link to that post; it will inspire you and give you hope.

Bethany (BACraftygirl)
This is her project using Arista, on of my new releases of this month.  She is so stinking cute!!!! I love how she colored her image and especially how she wobbles! Just too cute! Even the dew drops are amazing! Go check out her video for a 'sneaky peaky!'

Sharon (suralear)
This is her first August D.T project and she did a super cool project! She used one of my favoriate Sushi Dolls!!!!! Ahuiliztli!!!!!!

Christine (serenityinhim)
This girl is on fire!!!! She has made so many projects using Sushi Dolls and they are all wonderful! As I have said before, I adore how she always has her little stories behind her projects.  All her projects are stinking adorable!

Mary (thedamselofdistress)
Mary's project is stinking cute! Her Smash layout is simply gorgeous! I love how she did the Polaroid thing! So cute!!!!  Here is the link to her post.

Cynthia (cindy4kiddos)
OMGumballs! This is such a freaking amazing idea!!! I love it! I love how she used both teachers with the apples. Another perfect project not only for kids but for teachers! I have 2 cousins who are teachers and I want to make them each one of these! 

Michelle (MichLxo)
Here is her project. She made a door hanger and used Mildred and Aida on it! I love the colors and all the sparkle! She colored the images perfectly..purple...hello! =)

This is her second project and you can see how the door hanger and her card go together! So cute! I love the sparkle and how she did the ombre effect! So cool right?!

This is her extra project! She made a pencil holder and it's so cute! And as she says, it would make a perfect teacher's gift!

Kerry (Kerry is Chilling)
Kerry made is adorable tag using one of the Sushi Dolls from the back-to-school crew! She used Ms. Garcia! I love this! I seriously am loving all these teacher projects because it gives me an idea for some projects for my teacher cousins and my kid's teachers for this year! Here is the link to her post. Go check it out!

 These are Kerry's 2nd project with an extra! Super cute cards and I adore all the details! They came out so perfect! Love them! Here is the link to her site! Check her @

Tracy (Sicky Incky Finger)
Tracy one of my blogger S.D designers has created her first project of the month! It's so stinking cute! She used one of my special releases of this month, Mrs. Sherwyn! I love her card and what a great gift for a teacher! Just adorable and her glasses look amazing!!! Love it!

Look at Tracy's freaking cute cards!!!! They are adorable!!! Love the coloring that she did! I hope to one day be able to color with markers of any kind like this! It's just so cute!!!!!

Jeni (scrapminialbumsymas)
Too cute right?!?! She is my Spanish Blogger! I adore how she used a background scenery behind Gaven! Just all the detail from the pinwheel to the tiny hanger! Just love love her card! Check out her post here

This is her other project. She used Forever in Love. Just simply a unique way of using them! How perfect would these make a wedding favors! Just adorable! Here is the link to this project!

Ardilla (Ardilla's Papers)
She is my other Spanish blogger but she also posts in English! She used a sketch and now I'm going to check them out. I love how she used glitter on the bottom of her skirt! Super adorable! Go check out her blog!

So now you see how I am totally inspired by my D.T?! And that's not all of them or their projects!!! I'm inspired overload!!!! I can't wait to see what they do and make sure to keep checking back to see what the other part of the D.T does! Thanks for stopping by!