Saturday, July 27, 2013

Previews and New News!

I'm baaaaaack....=) Yes, two posts two days in a row! LOL! The reason I'm doing this is because I won't have time next week because of work.  I'm going to be too tired so I decided to do it now! I have the new releases already posted on my website and blog. Just click on the links and it will take you directly there.  But before you go there let me show you the images!

You might recognize Evan because he was a custom order and when I showed the card everyone loved him and were asking if I was going to sell him. I usually don't sell them but decided that I would since you guys loved him so. As far as the fairy-tale princess,  I was inspired by a lot of movies. I tried to get one of every culture but I did notice there was not one of my heritage so I decided to make one up.

These were inspired by my older collections and the fact that school is just about to begin I decided to draw up some special ones to go with the others.

These are the 'older' ones that I'm talking about.  A perfect little set!


Nerdy Boy
Cute right?! I love this new collection but I'm so in love with the next collections coming up! Yes, I have drawn up some more but I can't show you until the following months! =) Maybe in the future months I will give you guys a sneak peak but for right now you will have to wait patiently. Jeejee!

Now for the second part of the post! As many of you have seen, I have chosen the newbies to my D.T! I'm super excited and will even have a few surprises in store each month.  Well, some of the newbies have continued or just started to create projects using Sushi Dolls!!!! I'm in awe with there art so I decided to share some of their videos here!

Sharon (suralear1) : "I live in Idaho and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been a social worker for 29 years.  I am bilingual in Spanish and English.  I work in a school district as a behavior specialist.  I am married to a wonderful man that is from El Salvador.  I have two boys of my own( from a previous marriage) and I have three step-children.  We have 11 grandchildren (one is blood related to me) and the rest are from my wonderful step-children.  I have been scrapbooking and paper crafting for close to six years now and it is the best therapy in this world.  I have learned most everything about scrapbooking and paper crafting from the wonderful scrapbooking community on YouTube."  


She has already made a project using on of the Sushi Dolls! I absolutely love how her project came out! I love the idea of a decorated gift bag and I have been inspired to make one for one of my friends who will be going back to school in the fall!

Christine (serenityinhim) :  "Hi! I'm a single Mom of two beautiful boys, Matthew 20 and Lucas 12, whom I absolutely ADORE!  I have been crafting for over 15 years but a paper crafter for 13 years. I am happy to say that I have found my HAPPY place and crafting takes me to the very relaxed state of being.  My first passion is scrapbooking but love card making just as much; I love to create my little pieces of art.  You will see my style in crafting varies because I enjoy creating projects that challenge me to think outside the box.  So there is a little bit of a variety on my YouTube channel...hope you will come by and visit! Today I currently enjoy mixed media, altering and mixing my scrapbook layouts with my love of stamps. Oh and did I mention that there is not a patterned paper and/or stamp I didn't like, I like them all!! =)"

"As an Office Manager and single Mom I need to have a way to relax and de-stress, crafting has been that for me thus my creating has now become a necessity in my I also enjoy teaching others to craft so that they have a way to relax as well...I know for me it's cheap therapy."


She has made a ton of projects using Sushi Dolls already! I don't know how to explain her projects but they are like scenery projects that have a little story to tell.  I love what she is currently doing because it's a story that continues.  You need to check out her videos!

So far so good right?! I'm loving this! I can't wait to see what else they do and can't wait to see what the rest of the newbies create! I'm so excited And a new surprise every month?! Come one people! Start getting excited!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!!!




  1. What a lovely introduction to two of the newbies!
    SUSI!! Your new images are fantastic! I especially like Mrs. Sherwyn! She's like a portrait of me when I'm coloring...well...I'm a little bit fluffier, and I don't have long hair, and my glasses are a bit different. Okay, maybe not my portrait after all! hahaha ;o)

    1. LMAO!!! Aye, you had me cracking up!!! LOL! OMGumballs! A portrait of you but not really but really. LOL! Aye!!!!! And yep! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what the other girls do! I'm planning to update this and the other post as the girls put up their projects!

  2. LOVE!! So excited to see what's coming in the months to come :-) xx

    1. Can't wait! Super excited too! Woot woot!