Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More D.T projects and May Releases!

Hello everyone!

I feel better! I have been taking some meds and I don't feel foggy! LOL! It's almost May and I have some new Sushi Dolls ready to go! But first here are some more projects my D.T have made and links to some of their videos. Hope you enjoy and please check them out!

Here is the card that I made using "Betty," one of my special release Sushi Dolls.

Steph from sweetcraftychick created this beauty! I wubby!!!!

And as always, Nancy's spectacular project! I love it!

Carol's Canvas! Freaking awesome!

Here Carol is using Betty and Walter. Are they not the cutest thing EVER!

Linda from scrapchica  used "Bookworm" and  I love it! Love the colors!

This is Nancy's fabulous card! I love her dress! She blew it up and it looks awesome!
And here are the links to the girls who do vids! Go check them out too! They have done some amazing projects!

Were they not the awesomest projects!!! They always amaze me with their talents! I love how they all come out so differently and unique! Me wubby!

O.K. So here are the new releases for May! I had a hard time choosing which ones to release but I finally made up my mind. As for the names? Yeah, I forgot to save their correct names but it's alright. LOL! They make sense right? Aye, being sick right now is no bueno but feel a lot better. So here you go!

Where to find them?
Website:  https://artcsushi.com/
Blog: http://sillyshysushidolls.blogspot.com/search/label/Sushi%20Doll%20Images

Well, that's it! Oh! One more thing! For those of you who are bloggers. I will be looking for maybe 2 D.T bloggers! Sooooo, if you have a Sushi Doll already (and if you don't...go buy one!) start making a project. I will be giving details real soon! =)

Muchos hugs,



  1. Wow...everyone's projects are so fabulous! We all really like blue this month, didn't we? lol
    Love your new releases, Susi! They're marvelous! :o)

  2. LOL! I didn't even notice that until you said it right now! LMAO!!!! Freaking hilarious! Jajajaja! And thank you so very much!

  3. hola me gusta las stamps so cute