Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More D.T projects and May Releases!

Hello everyone!

I feel better! I have been taking some meds and I don't feel foggy! LOL! It's almost May and I have some new Sushi Dolls ready to go! But first here are some more projects my D.T have made and links to some of their videos. Hope you enjoy and please check them out!

Here is the card that I made using "Betty," one of my special release Sushi Dolls.

Steph from sweetcraftychick created this beauty! I wubby!!!!

And as always, Nancy's spectacular project! I love it!

Carol's Canvas! Freaking awesome!

Here Carol is using Betty and Walter. Are they not the cutest thing EVER!

Linda from scrapchica  used "Bookworm" and  I love it! Love the colors!

This is Nancy's fabulous card! I love her dress! She blew it up and it looks awesome!
And here are the links to the girls who do vids! Go check them out too! They have done some amazing projects!

Were they not the awesomest projects!!! They always amaze me with their talents! I love how they all come out so differently and unique! Me wubby!

O.K. So here are the new releases for May! I had a hard time choosing which ones to release but I finally made up my mind. As for the names? Yeah, I forgot to save their correct names but it's alright. LOL! They make sense right? Aye, being sick right now is no bueno but feel a lot better. So here you go!

Where to find them?
Website:  https://artcsushi.com/
Blog: http://sillyshysushidolls.blogspot.com/search/label/Sushi%20Doll%20Images

Well, that's it! Oh! One more thing! For those of you who are bloggers. I will be looking for maybe 2 D.T bloggers! Sooooo, if you have a Sushi Doll already (and if you don't...go buy one!) start making a project. I will be giving details real soon! =)

Muchos hugs,


Saturday, April 27, 2013

And the Winners are...

OMGumballs! First thing first  I'm so very sorry it took so long to post the winners. I am sick and have pretty much been in bed all day. I am getting a cough and my throat is killing me! Oh and I also have a runny nose! Ugh! So yeah, I have been spaced out! So I hope you will forgive me. I didn't even get to make a video because I was in such a hurry! Sorry again.

O.k So now to announce the winners!  Drum roll please....trrrr....trrrrrrrrrr...trrrr.trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
1. Scrappinstampers
2. Mary Brockway
3. Jennif

Wooohoooooooo!!!! Congrats to all three winners!!! I'm super excited and can't wait to hear from you ladies soon! Make sure to message me or leave a comment here. Let me know which Sushi Doll you would like and I will e-mail you your image as soon as possible! I will also need your e-mail address so I can send out your Sushi Doll digital image. 

Here is my e-mail: sillyshysushi@gmail.com.

Here are the 2 links where you can find all the Sushi Doll images:

Hope you hear from you soon! 

I would like to thank every single person who left comments and started to follow my blog! It means the world to me! I loved reading all your comments! You guys are awesome! Thank you again! And who knows, I might be holding another give-away soon! =) Keep coming back to check! Thanks again!

Muchos hugs,


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Me Stuck!

Hello! O.k...just so you guys know this will probably be the last post until I annouce the winners! Thank you so much for those of you who have already left comments! I didn't expect this many! AMAZING! And for those of you who have not yet commented...what are you waiting for!!!!! LOL! Check out the last two posts that I have published and leave comments on there, then come back to this one and leave a comment as well.

So I just got back from Vegas and State-line (Primms is another name that people use) after a 3 day girl's mini vaca! I had a blast but my feet hurt! Go check out the artcsushi blog for some pictures. Do you think I came home and rested? NOPE! I started to color a new Sushi Doll! One of the new ones that I just released.  But I'm stuck!!! I don't know whether to paper piece the rest or color her in! LOL! We will see what I end up doing but I think I will finish it tomorrow.

Stuck! Stuck I tell you!!!!!!!

And here are the other special release images that I just released this past week.

Here are the 2 links where you can purchase these new images as well as the older ones! 

O.K, I thinks that's it! Make sure to comment here and on the last 2 posts! Also make sure to be a follower to be entered to be in the give-away! 

Thanks again and muchos hugs,


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Suprise Giveaway and Some Hints!


On the 13th I posted a post titled, "D.T Projects y Mucho Mas," Ok...so if you read it you know there was mention of some surprises.  First let me tell you about the giveaway. =) Starting with that post and all the posts that I post until the 26th you will have to leave a comment...don't worry, I will not be posting a lot of them. LOL! The second condition will be that you must be a follower of this blog. That simple! Not bad right? =P On the 27th I will announce 3 winners and those 3 winners will be able to choose a Sushi Doll of their choice. Yay!

So don't forget! If you have not left a comment on the last post go do that and then come back here and leave a comment on this post. Make sure to keep an eye out for the other posts so you can comment on them. I will be leaving  a reminder on every single post that I make from here on out. Oh and make sure you are a follower. Good luck everyone! =)

Now for some hints on the other surprise! LOL! There will be a post revealing this surprise tomorrow but for right now I will tell you this...It's very special! Now I will show you 2 pictures...

Can you guess? Aye, this is so much fun!!!!!!! I can't wait to announce this surprise tomorrow! Woot woot!

Muchos hugs,


Saturday, April 13, 2013

D.T Projects and Mucho Mas!

Hello! Long time no see! =) Well my D.T has been very busy! And I'm loving all their projects!!!! I will be posting links and pictures right now so you can see their amazing work. Also, Lisa (scrapin2010) is hosting a Sushi Doll Challenge!!!! Go Check out her video for all the details!!! Here is the link to her video....LINK. =)

Now for all the awesome projects so far! Woot woot!!!!
This is Nancy's (nicklenook) beautiful tag using Suzy Q. Such an amazing tag. Love all the colors she used...just love everything about it! Simply amazing!

Carol has been on a roll! She is making me look bad! LOL! The following 3 pictures are the projects that she has done for this month. Super cute and amazing!
The 3 images that she received for being on the D.T.

A card with a window! Love it!!!!

Finally, here is her card using Sushi Owl Mug! Super duper cute! Love the paper (which I have) and all the colors!
Here is Steph's first project! She switched the body from another Sushi Doll and I loved that! Just shows how versatile my Sushi Dolls are! Love Love it!!!!!
This is Nancy's freaking adorable card!!!! Dude, seriously, this is one of my favs of her! I say that about all her cards but seriously!!!! Love this one!!!!
Finally, this is Linda's! When I drew this doll I wanted it to sort of look like the 70's. I love her little dress and I adore how she paper pieced her dress! It's soooooooo Linda!!!!!!

Lina has some pictures of her projects on her blog. She did some awesome stuff with the Sushi Dolls! I especially love the idea of her book with the Sushi doll in the front! The link to her blog is on the right hand side. Please go check it out!

Marla H. has also made 2 wonderful cards! I love how they came out! You really need to check out her video! The link is ....HERE....She also made a V.R to Lisa's Sushi Doll Challenge! Her card entry is adorable!!!! And here is the link to that video...aqui... =)

One more announcement! I will be doing a special release within this week! So watch out for that! Oh...my D.T will be surprised too! LOL! I have not told anyone yet! Bwaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa!!!!!

As a little insentive...hmm...let's just say that you should be a follower of this blog and start leaving comments on this blog to be a wi......of...a...S.............=) Let's see how many people will read all the way through and follow the intructions...Jaajaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Muchos Abrazos,

Susi ^_^

F.Y.I!!!!!!! I have updated my website!!!! You can also find the Sushi Dolls over there and it is easier to purchase them! I will still be adding them here but just know that the website also has them!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools!

Hello! I would like to wish everyone a happy April Fool's! Would you believe I forgot it was today! LOL! I got fooled twice! No joke! Jajajaja! So I hope everyone had an awesome day and no one was hurt during this funny day. =/

O.k so I have some more exciting news! 1st...I have a new designer! I have Carol from OneHappyCraftyChick Woot woot! My team is amazing and I wub them all! I will have all the links listed on the right side bar of all my D.T members sites. Please check them all out.

Another thing that I wanted to announce is that I will be having a small give away some time next month so make sure to keep an eye out. I have drawn 2 special Sushi Dolls for this challenge...OOOOH! Can't wait to do this!

And finally, the new Sushi Dolls for April are out! So go check the new ones out and I hope you all like them. Here is the link so you can just go directly there. Remember that the 'buy now' button is on the bottom of the post when you scroll down from the Sushi Dolls.

Well, I think that is all! Make sure to check out all the blogs, YouTube vids and Facebook pages of all my designers! Can't wait to see what they all do. They always amaze me!

Wub you lots,