Thursday, December 27, 2012

Introducing Sushi's Dolls

Hello everyone! So I decided to open up another blog just for my Sushi Dolls. I thought it would be easier this way. Well, I hope anyway. Here is where I will be posting all my new images and old ones. So here we go! Thank you all for being so supportive. Please go to my artcsushi blog (you can go directly to that page from the tabs above) to find the very first sets and the second sets of my Sushi Dolls. I will be leaving them there because I don't want to confuse anyone. But for all my other future dolls I will be posting them here. I also am getting close to announcing my design team! Can you believe it? I'm so nervous yet excited and I hope you will love who I have picked.  They mean a lot to me because they volunteered themselves and their time. =) Thank you girls! O.k enough jibber jabbing. I'll be back with more information. Thanks again!

Here are the links to the first sets of my Sushi Dolls:

Sushi Dolls

 Christmas Sushi Dolls

Here are some projects that I have made with my images. I wanted to share because I know that the images look different once I colored them.  Hope you guys like them and can't wait to see what my designers do and what others do! Please share photos with me and I will love to post them on my blog!

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  1. hey susi so how do i know what dolls i get then after my order?!! Ay! email me so i can request the dolls.. Lina